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YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador
No Joiner Fee in January 2018 to those who join the Ches Penney Family YMCA or YMCA Marystown! Click here for more details.

Join Marystown YMCA

We are so happy you have decided to join our community at the YMCA. Enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle and experience personal growth through some of our programs.

How to join:

  1. Come in for a tour.
  2. Speak to a YMCA staff member who will answer all of your questions
  3. Select a membership type that fits your needs.
  4. Choose a payment plan that works for you (void cheque or credit card required)
  5. Provide government issued photo ID upon registration (16yrs +).

The YMCA is accessible to everyone. If you require financial assistance, please complete the following application.

YMCA Financial Assistance Program Brochure and Application

Marystown YMCA Current Program Schedule Student Semester Pass

Marystown YMCA - Membership Details

No locked-in contracts and no unwanted pressure. YMCA memberships are designed to help you live well throughout your life. There are memberships for adults, children/youth, families and students. Take a look and find a membership that is right for you.

Membership Child
(0-11 yrs)
(12-21 yrs)
(19 yrs & up)
(children up to 21 yrs)
Financial Assistance
(monthly fee)
*$33.66 *$39.78 *$54.06 Discounts apply Custom
Building Fund Fee None None $75 $75/adult Subsidized
Month to Month Payment Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hold Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Child Minding No No No Yes Yes
Drop in Classes + Programs Included Included Included Included Included
Swim Lessons Included Included Included Included Included
Course Discount Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Steam Room N/A No Yes Yes Yes
Visitor Day Pass
Photo ID required for those 16+
Visitor Day Pass $9.00
***Small Group $15.00
No access to child minding services or swim lessons. All members and guests need to be 12 years of age or older to use the facility unless in a staff supervised program.

***Base fee covers 2-3 people which must include a min of one
adult (19+) and one child (0-11). $3 per additional child, $5 per
additional user ages 12+. Pass is valid for max of 5 people.
Short Term Passes
Photo ID required for those 16+
5 Day Pass $40 (+HST)
1 Month Adult (19+) $80 (+HST)
BFF waived if sign up for a continuous membership within 2 weeks
3 Month Adult (19+) $215 (+HST)
BFF waived if sign up for a continuous membership within 2 weeks
Student Semester Pass
(Jan-Apr / May-Aug / Sep-Dec)
$120 (+HST). Student ID required.

* Membership fees as of September 2017.
All fees are subject to HST where applicable. Prices subject to change at anytime with advance notice. To participate in our Financial Assistance program please pick up a copy of the application at our memberships sales and service desk.

** Family Savings
Family is one or two adults (general or adult only) and dependent children, youth or students 21 or under in the
same household. Please call 709-276-YMCA (9622) or email marystownymca@nl.ymca.ca for more information for specific discounted rates depend upon family size.

Cancellation Policy
To cancel your membership written notification must be provided a minimum of five days prior to your payment date. We do not accept verbal cancellation requests. Email notifications may be sent to marystownymca@nl.ymca.ca. Membership cards must be returned and the $25 cancellation fee paid. This fee is not applicable to financially assisted members or members under the age of 13 years. Access to the facility will be granted until the last day of your payment period (1st or 15th). Cancellation fees may be paid up front by cash, debit, or credit card at time of cancellation or by PAP on or about the 1st or 15th immediately following notification to cancel.

Membership On-Hold Policy
Memberships may be placed on hold for one month, up to a maximum of six months. Requests must be made a minimum of five days prior to payment date. Membership on-hold requests are permitted once every 12-month period. Published membership fees will apply at the time of reactivation. Re-registration for swim lessons is required. Cancellation of membership not permitted while on hold. Passes are not eligible for holds.

Building Fund Fee (BFF)

A non-refundable fee for individual adults & adults in Family Memberships. This fee is used for the maintenance of high quality Y facilities through capital improvements, renovations and refurbishment.

  • It is a fee charged to adults upon registration, it is subsidized for assisted members
  • $75/adult taxes included
  • If you cancel and rejoin within 6 months it does not need to be paid again (from cancellation date/payment)
  • If transferring membership (YMCA Canada reciprocal membership policy) or moving from one Y to another Y for whatever reason you will not to have to pay the fee again
  • If a current member ages out of membership category that does not have the BFF, they will rollover without being required to pay BFF. E.g. Student to Adult

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